Our Services

Quantitative Research

Pro Intelligence Marketing Consultancy can help you in data collection of all types of Quantitative Studies. Our team provides one of the best results when it comes to collecting and analyzing data, all our surveys go through an extensive task of checks to create the final outcome. We can help you with any Quant Studies using the below methods:

  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • Computer-assisted web interviewing
  • Central location testing
  • Pen-and-Paper Personal Interview

Qualitative Research

Some opinions need to be discussed further and we at Pro Intelligence Marketing Consultancy can help you in giving you more details about what other thinks of your products/services, we can execute the below as per your requirements:

  • In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Online Focus Group
  • Audio-Video recording
  • Viewing facilities for the client
  • Ethnographies

Healthcare Research

Healthcare is one the most important industries when it comes to the wellbeing of humans and we here at Pro Intelligence Marketing Consultancy take it very seriously. We have multiple sources to collect and analyze data according to our clients and to provide them with the best possible outcome. Qualitative health research (the collection and systematic analysis of non-quantitative data about peoples’ experiences of health or illness and the healthcare system) offers several approaches that can help to mitigate these risks. Several qualitative health research methods, when done well, can help research teams to:

(1) accurately incorporate patients’ perspectives and experiences into the design and conduct of research;

(2) engage diverse patient perspectives;

(3) treat patients as equal and ongoing partners on the research team.

We at Pro Intelligence Marketing Consultancy give big importance to healthcare research and thus we have a very qualified team who deals in such studies, along with other Methodologies we are always ready to help you with below:

  • Patients Interviews
  • Medical Professionals Interviews

Mystery Shopping

In order to monitor the quality and performance of your services, Pro Intelligence Marketing consultancy have Pro Mystery shoppers who are very well experience in observing and auditing the assigned service. We can audit your service by using any or all of the below:

  • Individual audits
  • B2B audits
  • Telephonic Audits
  • Online (website, social media, Email contact) Audits

The economy of the United Arab Emirates (or UAE) is the fourth largest in the Middle East (after Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran), and with such a great economy comes the responsibility of providing the best services to the people. We at Pro Intelligence Marketing Consultancy have a database of mystery shoppers who come from all walks of life and are pioneered to provide the best possible data collection of the market.

Market research companies and organizations internally identify the firm’s most important customer service characteristics and objectives and next use these variables to develop a mystery shopping questionnaire for the mystery shopper.

Examples of variables used in the assessment could include but are not limited to:

  1. Customer service
  2. Teamwork
  3. Cash handling
  4. Upselling
  5. Visualization of displays
  6. Product knowledge and Operational efficiency

Mystery shopping can be beneficial for any business where it is useful to obtain knowledge about the customers’ experience of the organization. Examples of organizations where mystery shopping frequently occurs are at retail stores, banks, theatres, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.